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This week I decided to do something a bit different, instead of focusing on one story or location, I explored the web and found many stories. I’ll put some of the stories I found and where I found them below 🙂

Also, if you have experienced anything yourself or know of any spooky Australian stories please hit me up! I love reading them and might pop them in my next podcast 😀

Fishers Ghost

This story explores the ghost of a murdered farmer in Campbelltown who helped discover his own body. After a local businessmen saw the apparition of the deceased farmer pointing out at a field he went to the local hotel where he told everyone his story which alerted the police to search the area. To their shock they found the body and later the murderer, the farmers neighbour.

The full story can be found here: https://listverse.com/2013/12/20/10-amazing-stories-of-australian-paranormal-phenomena/

Wycliffe Well

Ever wonder if Australia has UFO sightings? No need to wonder anymore! We do! Wycliffe Road is Australias UFO hotspot, drawing in believers and skeptics to check it out for themselves. Sceptics believe that these sightings are mere reflections of desert rays on bird – which to makes no sense if it is at night – maybe I’m just silly.

You can read more about it here: https://listverse.com/2013/12/20/10-amazing-stories-of-australian-paranormal-phenomena/

House of Miracles

Now this is weird because I remember hearing about this back when I was in primary school. A family local to where I grew up tragically lost their son, soon after oil started to appear on the walls of their sons room. This became quite famous and pilgrams would soon start visiting a house, even a priest came to the house to anoint people using the oil (I’m not the only one who finds that a tad gross am I?).

Read about it here: https://listverse.com/2013/12/20/10-amazing-stories-of-australian-paranormal-phenomena/

Gosford Glyphs

The last story I focused on was something that I had never heard about before. This story raises so many questions and just left me feeling so confused. In the 1970’s, hieroglyphs were found in Gosford which highly resemble the Egyptian hieroglyphs. OK so I totally believe that Aliens are responsible. It might not be the most logical response but I definitely think that aliens are behind this. Other believe that it would just be WWI soldiers who returned from Egypt fascinated with their culture, but that isn’t very fun now is it.

Check it out here: https://listverse.com/2013/12/20/10-amazing-stories-of-australian-paranormal-phenomena/

The Burning Airman

In the 1940s near Canberra a plane carrying 4 people crashed in neighbouring woods. Since then people who have entered the woods have experienced unnerving events. People have exited the forest with stories involving a man on fire, who would chase them out of the forest then disappear when they reached the end.

The story can be found here: https://www.urbanghostsmedia.com/2014/08/10-creepy-phantoms-urban-legends-of-australia/

Mount Victorian Pass, Lithgow

New South Wales is home to the Mount Victorian Pass which can be found in Lithgow. It is said that if you travel along this road at night you will see the apparition of a ghost in all black who clings to the back of your car. This is reportedly the cause of several crashes. It is said that this is the ghost of young woman who was found beaten to death on the side of the road in 1842.

Check it out: https://www.redspot.com.au/spookiest-roads-in-australia/

Belanglo State Forest

This is the most well known spot for crazy people like myself who are obsessed with murder mysteries. In the early 90’s a number of bodies were found in the Belanglo State Forest, roughly an hour and a half away from Sydney. 7 bodies were found with notorious serial killer Ivan Milat found to be guilty. Even though this case is closed many believe he didn’t act alone, they also believe that there are more bodies still out there today.

Find the story here: https://www.redspot.com.au/spookiest-roads-in-australia/

Lismore Lions Park 

In the 1970, a small child fell off a set of swings, the swing came back hit the child in the head and killed the child. Since this fatal incident there have been reports of the swings swinging by themselves, even if there is no wind. The swings come to a sudden stop and an ear piercing scream can be heard. The swings were later removed and Lions Park can no longer be entered by the public.

Check out this guys experience here: https://www.travellingtype.com/haunted-legends-abandoned-places-lismore-nsw/

Numerous Scary Stories:

You guys will love the stories on this site! I only went through a few stories on my podcast, with some close to my house (which is great…). Also my roommates make a cameo appearance so shoutout to them!


So that is it for this week! If you guys have any experience send them through to me. Also if you would like to follow me on Facebook my link is below:


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